Do you really want to sell 15% of your SaaS business to NextView?

VC’s take forever to pitch, make you give up 15% equity, and require board meetings. Founderpath offers:

icon tickKeep 100% Equity
icon tickNo Board Meetings
icon tickInstant capital offer
icon tickClose in 48 hours

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NextView Reviews

Erik Pfannmöller

Erik Pfannmöller

Founder of Solvemate

Our Competitors raised VC. We kept 100% and doubled MRR w/ Founderpath

We first took Founderpath capital back in May 2021. Since then, we've nearly doubled our MRR and kept 100% equity. We're in a competitive space (customer support SaaS) with competitors who are raising tons of VC. It makes me happy inside that I'm able to compete with them, while keeping all our equity. Founderpath helps us grow faster without dilution.

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My Ugly Cap table - Loved the press. Hated the dilution.

I’m Nathan. I launched a SaaS company when I was 19 and raised a seed round from a billionaire.

icon tick15% to seed investors
icon tick12% option pool set up
icon tick8% for COO: Investors wanted me to hire
“parent” COO to watch over the business
Ugly Cap Table

How it works?

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How it works

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We give you capital by turning your MRR into upfront cash

Josh LaSov

Josh LaSov

Founder of Satori Reporting

We had a 7 figure wire in our bank in under a week

After interviewing 23 lenders - it was wonderful to meet Founder Path. Their terms, process and understanding of speed was simply incomparable. Within 1 week we had completed diligence (and we aren't a small SaaS company). A few days later a seven figure wire hit our bank account and we were able to turn on the growth engine! In a nut shell, this is how lending should be done - great terms, super fast diligence and super fast to close.

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Why choose Founderpath over a VC?

Save 1-2 months of time from pitching VC’s. Keep 100% of your equity, scale without worrying about board meetings. See why SaaS founders call Founderpath the #1 alternative to a Seed Round:

VC Fund
Give up equity?
Yes, 15%
Keep 100% of your equity
Cost of capital
Very expensive when you grow
Pay back 1.1x over 3 years
Board meetings
Yes (4 hours each)
Legal Fees
Time to close
4-8 weeks
Avg 34.8 hours from signup to wire
Employee stock option pool required?
icon tick(10-15%)
icon cross
Liquidation preference
icon tick
icon cross
Discount to next round (if Convertible Note)
No right to invest
Interest rate (if Convertible Note)
6-8% until convert to equity
Not debt
Monthly reporting required
icon tick
icon cross
SaaS Founder Slack Group (Invite-Only, 1,987 founders)
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icon tick
Annual SaaS Bootstrapper Conference
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icon tick
SaaS Valuation Calculator
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icon tick
Free CAC calculator
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icon tick
Free cash flow/profit and loss reporting tool
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icon tick
Free Lifetime value calculator
icon cross
icon tick
Free Churn calculator
icon cross
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Aaron Amuchastegui

Aaron Amuchastegui

United States

No other Saas Valuation tool like this

The quick valuation based on revenue trends is great. Helps to show partners, leaders, employees a 3rd party opinion on nuts and bolts..

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