Master $20m

How We Hit $30m in ARR Bootstrapped

... By Acquiring 5 Companies In 5 Years

Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO of QuestionPro, shares:

- Why you should be cheap, but not stupid

- How to acquire people smarter than you

- Tactics for going from $0-$1 million

Created by: Vivek Bhaskaran


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Vivek Bhaskaran

QuestionPro Logo
Founder and CEO of QuestionPro

Vivek Bhaskaran is the founder and CEO of QuestionPro, one of the industry's leading providers of web-based research technologies. His life motto is simple - “The two things that drive me every day are motorcycles and client success!” In 2008, his startup made Inc. Magazine's list of the fastest-growing private companies, ranking 25th among business-service providers. Since that time, Vivek has never looked back by spearheading both the product and global expansion of QuestionPro.

Revenue: $38MFTE's:500

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