$1-5m Term Loans for SaaS Founders

What we offer

  • Tick 24 Month Interest Only Periods
  • Tick 4 Year Maturity
  • Tick "First Meeting" to "Close" in under 4 weeks
  • Tick We use API's to close faster than banks and other debt funds
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Steve spoke with 75 banks and lenders. They were slow and frustrating. He raised $4.2m from Founderpath instead.

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What we can share:

  • Steve grew revenue from $1m to $6m using Founderpath financing
  • Signed $4.2m Term Loan with Founderpath in Feb 2024
  • Before that, Steve used our RPA product 7 times totalling $3m
  • This allowed him to grow valuation from $3m to $36m and keep all the gains

6-24 Month Interest Only Period Means Lower Monthly Payments

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4 years


Interest Only Period

24 months

Save cash flow in 2024


Cash flow savings of $735,836 over the first 12 months

Pay back over 4 Years


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Scott Used Founderpath to Avoid Seed Round Dilution before doing a $55m Deal with Updata

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What we can share:

  • Scott launched Contact Monkey in 2010
  • Took $1m from Founderpath in July 2021, kept his equity
  • Used our capital to help grow to $10m in revenues by 2024
  • Closed $55m deal with Updata


SaaS Revenue
$3m or more
Operating History
Founded before 2022
Gross Margins
70% or higher
5% per year or higher

Fund Management

Nathan Latka is a software founder turned capital provider. He launched and sold his first SaaS (Heyo, Acq.Votigo) in 2015. From 2016 to 2018 he identified patterns of highly successful software companies by interviewing 3,300 CEO’s on his podcast. He used those patterns to finance saas founders in 2018 with his own capital. As Fund I grew, management became cumbersome so he launched Founderpath to allow for API driven underwriting and management before raising $150m Fund II in 2022.
Vasili Gerogiannis career spans more than 20 years, mostly focused on specialty finance. He began his career as a structured finance banker at ABN AMRO Inc. and BMO Capital Markets where he structured and underwrote more than $10B in asset backed deals. Vasili joins us from Clearco where as CFO he helped refocuse the business, rationalize expense, and launch new capital partnerships. Prior to Clearco, Vasili spent 5 years at OppFi leading Capital Markets and other finance functions, most recently as Chief Capital Officer. During his tenure OppFi grew more than 7x and became a public company (NYSE: OPFI). Today, he serves as Founderpath’s CFO.
Prior to joining Founderpath, Joe worked in a variety of operational, investing and advisory roles. Most recently, he led a team building software at BitGo, a B2B SaaS financial services infrastructure provider valued at $1.75bn. Prior to BitGo, Joe invested opportunistically in a variety of companies and industries at $5bn AUM Glendon Capital Management. He advised Fortune 100 companies on M&A and restructuring transactions at Centerview Partners and then co-founded Pagoda, a bootstrapped specialty finance consumer lending company. Today, he serves as Founderpath's VP of Capital and Credit, where he oversees risk and underwriting.