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Money how fast? Less than 4 days
What founders pay? 15% Interest
Equity? 0%
Personal guarantee? No
Board seat? No
Revenue required? At least $25K/mo
Based in the United States? Can be anywhere

Frequently asked questions

Capital for SaaS Founders

Term Loans

Term Loans usually have 15-30% interest rates with payback terms of 2-4 years. Watch out for covenants, warrants, and origination/prepayment fee’s which make the debt more expensive.

Revenue Based Financing (RBF)

RBF vendors usually max out at 3x your monthly revenue. Interest is disguised as a “payback cap” of 1.5-3x where they take 6-9% of your gross monthly receipts. There are usually massive prepayment penalties around 25% of the total loan size. If you grow faster, you pay the loan back faster and your interest rate gets very expensive.

Merchant Cash Advances (MCA)

MCA vendors typically can’t give you more than 1x your monthly revenue. Additionally, interest is disguised as a “one time fee” but is usually 25%+ in terms of cost of capital for the founder. You have to pay back the capital in 1 year versus 3+ years with other forms of debt. This limits the amount of time a founder has to make a return on each dollar of debt capital raised.

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