The MAP Framework

Find your way out of a growth stall in 6 weeks

Created by: Adrienne Barnes

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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Adrienne Barnes

Best Buyer Persona Logo
Founder of Best Buyer Persona

Finding a product-market fit can feel like an endless pursuit for early-stage founders. However, at Growth Insights, she and her team help early-stage startups create a product market flywheel that generates growth, boosts customer retention, and minimizes churn. Their approach not only shortens the time it takes to achieve PMF, but also establishes the systems and processes necessary to support your company's growth. Apart from that, Adrienne is the data-driven messaging expert behind Best Buyer Persona. She's obsessed with customer psychology, great interviewing, and pulling together the insights that actually help you market better.


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Excel file and training we used to launch our profit sharing plan at our $3m ARR SaaS company.

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