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Skills Agility as a Point of Competitive Differentiation for SaaS Companies

and why it matters in 2023

Created by: Alison Lands

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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Alison Lands

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Head of Strategy of SkyHive

Alison is a lifelong skills evangelist and a dedicated foot soldier in the Reskilling Revolution. Her mission is to arm today's workforce with the skills they need to prosper in the knowledge economy / digital future, and to do so equitably across socioeconomic, geographic, and demographic boundaries. Drawing on a 20-year career in workforce and economic development, she strongly believes that investments in human capital are THE catalyst for society's next wave of growth and innovation, as well as remedy for struggling regions, and a democratizing force that will yield social returns far greater than the (significant) economic benefits to be gained. The extent to which she can unite employers, educators and governments to partner with me in this mission will determine the scale at which we can make an impact in communities around the globe.

Revenue: $113MFTE's:116

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