Series-A ready marketing

10 commandments for growing revenue to $2m ARR in 12 months

Created by: Raffi Salama

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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    Series-A ready marketing: 10 commandments for growing revenue to $2m ARR in 12 months slide deck

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Raffi Salama

Passion Fruit Logo
Co-Founder of Passion Fruit

Raffi is the Co-Founder at Passionfruit, the home for Gen Z marketing freelancers. He also writes "The Raffi Report" which is read by 3500+ senior marketers. As the co-founder of Passionfruit, every day he spends most of his time speaking to leaders across the world of marketing; from Fortune 500 CMOs, to marketing leads at seed-stage start-ups. At the end of each month, he distills what he's heard into The Raffi Report. His goal is to make this newsletter the most definitive account of the Marketing landscape, served up in real time, as the action is unfolding.

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