Leader $5m

How We Bootstrapped to $7.5m in Revenue

... and Beat VC Backed Competitors with $400m Raised

Scott Brandley, CEO of ShopperApproved, shares:

- How we take on companies with 20x more employees and 100's of millions in VC every day and win

- Keys to making yourself look ‘Legitimately Bigger’

- Why you should focus on giving customers an Instant Dopamine Hit

Created by: Scott Brandley


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Scott Brandley

ShopperApproved Logo
CEO of ShopperApproved

As the Co-Founder of Trust Brands, he helps businesses to be more successful by building trust and social proof through customer ratings and reviews, reputation management, and online security. He has an extensive history in the software industry — bringing creativity and innovation to the forefront to develop effective solutions that help businesses thrive in the global marketplace. He believes that a strong work culture drives companies ever forward and provides his teams with opportunities for growth

Revenue: $7MFTE's:50

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