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How we got 5,000 on our beta SaaS waitlist

... using a community first approach

Sarah Hawley, CEO & Founder of Growmotely, shares:

- Keys to building a community-first brand

- Why you should engage in co-creation

- How to prepare beautiful reports and landing pages to share with your community

Created by: Sarah Hawley


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Sarah Hawley

GrowMotely Logo
Founder of GrowMotely

Founder & CEO of (the first global platform for sourcing, growing and leading remote teams), she's personally fueled by a passion for challenging the status quo of how we work, conscious culture and leadership, community, diversity and equality, and living life on one's own terms. Sarah Hawley is a serial entrepreneur and investor in startups, having founded 8 companies since 2009. Having 3 successful exits before starting growmotely

Revenue: $405KFTE's:50

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