Builder <$5m

My $5k hobby project used 1 to many selling to reach $700k ARR in a year

… And used 1 to many selling to get there

Robert Warner, CEO and Founder of PPC Ad Lab, shares:

- How a Fiverr gig built BVP for $5k

- PLG and building out additional marketing angles

- Revenue data from internal launch used to attract partners

Created by: Robert Warner


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    My $5k hobby project used 1 to many selling to reach $700k ARR in a year - Slide Deck


Robert Warner

Ppc Ad Lab Logo
Founder of Ppc Ad Lab

Robert Warner is the founder of PPC Ads Lab. Over the past 8 years since founding InvisiblePPC, he has leveraged his knowledge and experience to create a unique solution for Google Advertisers—PPC Predict. The service is offered for free, promising an average of 31% improvement in Google Ads results within 30 days (sometimes reaching as high as 350%).

Revenue: $1.3MFTE's:10

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