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How I Raised $60m Then Fumbled a $1b Exit

… and how you can avoid the same thing.

Rami Essaid, current CEO of Finmark shares:

- 3 things he did wrong to lose the deal

- Why we didn’t sell for $1B

- How to ask investors for help

Created by: Rami Essaid


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Rami Essaid

Finmark Logo
SVP of Finmark

Rami Essaid is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Finmark, a Venture Partner at IDEA Fund Partners, and an Extended Team Member of Ubiquity Ventures. He also serves as the SVP Product at He was the Co-Founder and Chairman of Distil. Rami helps enterprises embrace the cloud to improve their scalability and reliability while maintaining a high level of security. He attended North Carolina State University where he majored in computer engineering.

Revenue: $4.7MFTE's:50

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