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Building Culture, Processes, and Accountability as Remote Team

... 9 Ideas / Systems that have worked for us

Patrick Shaw, Founder and CEO of Rapidfunnel shares how Building Culture is an easy path to Success:

- 9 Ideas / Systems and Processes that have worked for us.

- Raising capital without giving up Equity

- Why and What bootstrapped means to us.

Created by: Patrick Shaw


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    Building Culture, Processes, and Accountability as Remote Team - Slide Deck


Patrick Shaw

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CEO of RapidFunnel

Patrick Shaw has spent the majority of his professional life in the Network Marketing Field, mostly with one company. His story is like so many others in the industry... he was seven years out of college, broke and desperately looking for a way to find real freedom. Network Marketing provided that freedom.

Revenue: $1.8MFTE's:40

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