Master $20m

Founder First PE Playbook

... Growing from $24m Revenue Bootstrapper to $400m PE Valuation

Paroon Chadha, CEO & Co-Founder OnBoard, shares:

- How to get to a clean cap table

- Getting to scale ready unit economics and being deal ready

- Why their eScribe acquisition made sense

Created by: Paroon Chadha


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Paroon Chadha

Onboardmeetings Logo
CoFounder and CEO of Onboardmeetings

Paroon Chadha is Co-Founder & CEO of OnBoard and eScribe, online platforms for board and city council meetings for public, private, nonprofit and government sectors. He founded the parent company in 2003 at Purdue University and has headquarters in Indianapolis, with over 5,000 customers across North America, EMEA and APAC. OnBoard ranks as the No. 1 governance platform in online reviews and the No. 2 platform in North America by units sold. The company has been on Inc.500 and Inc. 5000 lists in the past.

Revenue: $38MFTE's:500

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