Master $20m

How to Turn a $2m Niche Solution Into a $500m+ Brand New Category

... turn a niche into a movement

Nicolas Vendenberghe, CEO of Chilli Piper, shares:

- Lessons on creating a category

- Details on $33m secondary

- How they landed their first deal for $20k

Created by: Nicolas Vandenberghe


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    How to Turn a $2m Niche Solution Into a $500m+ Brand New Category - Slide Deck


Nicolas Vandenberghe

Chili Piper Logo
Co-Founder/Co-CEO of Chili Piper

Nicolas started selling newspapers in the streets of Paris in high school, studied Maths at Ecole Polytechnique then Business at Stanford GSB, started and sold 3 tech companies with up to 65 employees and $11M in revenues, ran Sales for a $2Bn telecom company negotiating billion dollar deals with companies like Google, and is now a co-founder of Chili Piper - leader in Meeting Lifecycle Automation - and of KosmoTime - the Calendar app to keep you on Task.

Revenue: $30MFTE's:145

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