Unicorn $50m

6 Tactics We Used to Go From Bootstrapped to Unicorn

… and still no gray hair

Mikita Mikado, CEO of PandaDoc, shares:

- Panda Operating Framework

- Communication hacks for 0-750 FTE’s

- KPI’s we used to hit $1b valuation

Created by: Mikita Mikado


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Mikita Mikado

PandaDoc Logo
CEO of PandaDoc

Mikita is a software entrepreneur, CEO, and Co-founder of PandaDoc. When he is not working, you can find him catching waves on a surfboard or hanging out with his two daughters. Mikita’s commitment to solving issues created by document workflows, coupled with his immigration to the U.S., led to a leadership approach that personifies his values—cherishing freedom and the ability to be successful.

Revenue: $117MFTE's:849

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