Builder <$5m

How We Stay Patiently Bootstrapped While Competitors Raise $100m+

... and why we're winning

Michael Cooney, CEO of WhatConverts, shares:

- Bootstrapped vs. Funded: how we chose

- How to have patience when competitors raise $100m+

- How our agency focus created huge growth to 40,000 companies

Created by: Michael Cooney


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Michael Cooney

WhatConverts Logo
Co-founder of WhatConverts

Michael Cooney is the co-founder of WhatConverts, a product that lets you track phone calls, web forms, and web chats, back to specific marketing campaigns so you know exactly where your best leads are coming from. Michael is highly respected for his unparalleled expertise and innovation in marketing and engineering. One of his former colleagues believes that Michael's visionary thinking transformed EngNet (his former company) into an industry leader.

Revenue: $3.5MFTE's:50

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