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Masters of Debt: How I bought a $5m SaaS Company Using Debt

...Grew to $20m, Then Flipped for a Huge Gain

Created by: Brad Miller

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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    Masters of Debt: How I bought a $5m SaaS Company Using Debt, Grew to $20m, Then Flipped for a Huge Gain slide deck

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Brad Miller

AwarenessTech Logo
Board Member/Former CEO & Executive Chairman of AwarenessTech

Brad is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully bought, built and sold several companies with extreme focus on capital efficiency. Most recently, he grew ATI revenue 400% (both organic and through acquisitions) with 37% EBITDA margins, with investors making 9x ROI upon exit. Prior to that, he built Silversky from startup to $60mm revenue with $10mm in EBITDA. After recap with Goldman Sachs at $150mm pre money value, Silversky was later sold to BAE for $250mm. Prior to Silversky, he built PRG ( from $30 mm to $350mm in revenue in 2 years via roll up strategy with 24 acquisitions. He also engineered PRG recap at $350mm value. He has also served as an active board member at SeeClickFix (sold for $22mm) and Palomar Technologies (sold for $200mm).

Revenue: $10MFTE's:200

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