Guru $10m

Team Retreat Playbook: What we spent on our last retreat

... and agenda we use to keep team culture spreading

Massimo Arrigoni, CEO of BEE, shares how they broke $10m ARR:

- Always Us First: heavy users of our own products

- Free vs Free trial: a +60% difference

- Why team retreats are truly key to running remote teams

Created by: Massimo Arrigoni


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Templates and Course Files

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    Template agenda for team retreat
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    Team Retreat Playbook: What we spent on our last retreat - Slide Deck


Massimo Arrigoni

Beefree Logo
CEO of Beefree

He is an SaaS scale-up CEO of BeeFree with two decades of experience in product management, who is product-driver. He’s been a practitioner of product-led growth for many years, and a believer in the Jobs To Be Done approach to understanding why customers buy products and services. Before his decade at Beefree, he co-founded and was CEO for many years at Early Impact, which developed one of the first small business e-commerce systems in the world, in the early 2000s.

Revenue: $10MFTE's:200

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