4 Capital Allocation Mistakes Smart SaaS Founders Avoid

… lessons I’ve learned from deploying $250m to SaaS founders over the past 5 years

We’re big on learning from mistakes. We’ve seen (and made) quite a few ourselves.

Our head of Finance, Kevin Houston, shares the top 4 capital allocation mistakes SaaS founders make, and what you can do instead.

In 20 minutes you’ll learn:

- The hidden costs of overusing multi-year contracts

- Why Net working capital is actually better than cash

- How to use multiple sources of capital to build your balance sheet

Created by: Kevin Houston


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Kevin Houston

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CFO of Founderpath

Kevin House is the founder of Stealth Startup which is an intersections of SaaS, finance and growth. Previously he has been CFO of Thentia and Head of Finance for FounderPath. His interests have taken the forms of venture debt investor, CFO, advisor, and founder. Personally, he is a husband, father to two boys, and a fan of March Madness, the Toronto Raptors and sci-fi.

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