Guru $10m

How I scaled systems and processes to grow from 1 to 50 employees

... and make a $50M valuation secondary

Karsten Rendemann, CEO of Cookie Information, shares:

- Get to product market fit with an MVP at minimum cost using contractors and temp

- Minimizing friction to get to scale

- Why sell when you are profitable and have 2x Hypergrowth?

Created by: Karsten Rendemann


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Karsten Rendemann

Cookie Information Logo
Founder, CEO and Board member of Cookie Information

Karsten Rendemann is the current CEO at Cookie Information. Karsten has held various marketing positions at previous companies including FastPassCorp A/S, Guideix A/S, and Georgia Pacific. Karsten is passionate about advancing digitalization for the benefit of everyone. His vision encompasses the creation of an Internet featuring efficient websites and apps that are simultaneously safe to use. Karsten is dedicated to fostering a digital landscape where technological advancements prioritize both functionality and user safety.

Revenue: $14MFTE's:200

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