Guru $10m

How we Bootstrapped to $10m in ARR with 140% NDR

... a Robust Testimonial Machine, and Enterprise Customers Paying More than $100k/yr

Jay Hakami, CEO of Sky IT shares his $10 Million Bootstrapped playbook:

- Secrets to 140% net dollar retention

- How they hit key revenue targets

- Key Metrics they focus on and why

Created by: Jay Hakami


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    2022 EOY Booking Strategy
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    How we Bootstrapped to $10m in ARR with 140% NDR - Slide Deck


Jay Hakami

Skypad Logo
President and CEO of Skypad

Jay Hakami is the Founder, President, and CEO of Sky IT Group a 20-year-old global SaaS data collection, distribution and insights solutions provider, headquartered in NYC. With over 30 years of successful executive leadership roles which have always focused on in-depth understanding of business challenges and solving them with deployment of creative and practical IT solutions.

Revenue: $10MFTE's:200

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