Leader $5m

How I hit $3m in ARR

... during a pandemic, a war and a looming recession

Jamie Akhtar, CEO and Founder of Cybersmart shares:

- Achieving Product Market Fit

- Dealing with challenges: pandemic, war, and a looming recession

- Raising: staying ready & know your investor

Created by: Jamie Akhtar


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Jamie Akhtar

CyberSmart Logo
Co-Founder & CEO of CyberSmart

Jamie Akhtar is the CEO and co-founder of CyberSmart. Jaime is a is a veritable titan of the cybersecurity industry. From cutting his teeth in New York serving as CTO for investment firms and gaming companies, to turning his attention to the underdogs, Jamie has a refreshing and unique take on the industry at large.

Revenue: $5MFTE's:65

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