Unicorn $50m

Acquisition Master: How we hit $30m Revenue

… and why we acquired our PLG competitor

James Isilay, CEO and Founder of Cognism shares:

- Using/finding international developers

- Adding product capabilities fast

- Real LOI we used to acquire Kaspr

Created by: James Isilay


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    Template LOI for acquiring your smaller competitors
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    Acquisition Master: How we hit $30m Revenue - Slide Deck


James Isilay

Cognism Logo
CEO of Cognism

James Isilay is the CEO of Cognism which is a B2B sales acceleration software company that provides a marketing and sales acceleration solution. The company has raised over $20 million from top tier investors such as Investiere, London Co-Investment Fund, Newable Private Investing, AXA Venture Partners, Fintech Sandbox, and PeakSpan Capital to name a few.

Revenue: $64MFTE's:481

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