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How I grew my GovTech SaaS $50k to $350k

… And growth channels we relied on the most

Ibrahim Aissam, CEO and Founder of shares how he’s bootstrapping a GovTech SaaS:

- Finding and competing on public bids

- Expanding contracts and referral programs

- Pricing and features to win bids

Created by: Ibrahim Aissam


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    How I grew my GovTech SaaS $50k to $350k - Slide Deck


Ibrahim Aissam

Ecourtdate Logo
CEO of Ecourtdate

Ibrahim initiated eCourtDate with the vision of making the justice system more friendly, equitable, and efficient. Leading a dedicated team of go-getters who share in his mission, he is committed to transforming the landscape of our legal processes for the better.

Revenue: $395KFTE's:50

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