Leader $5m

How We Built a Culture To Drive Efficiency, $8m ARR

... and $150k in ARR per Employee

Created by: Sindre Haaland

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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    How We Built a Culture To Drive Efficiency, $8m ARR, and $150k in ARR per Employee slide deck

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Sindre Haaland

SalesScreen Logo
CEO and Founder of SalesScreen

Sindre is the CEO & Founder of SalesScreen. Born and raised in Norway, he now lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, son, daughter, and Maltipoo-dog. He has leveraged SalesScreen to turn like into love and motivate your sales force with the most comprehensive and effective gamification platform in the game! Sales teams that just like the game of sales don't cut it. That's why SalesScreen and Sindre want salespeople to love the game.

Revenue: $8MFTE's:40

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Excel file and training we used to launch our profit sharing plan at our $3m ARR SaaS company.

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