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How We Bootstrapped our Typeform Competitor to $50k MRR

Why this couple decided to compete with big VC backed competitors.... and how they are slowly eating away at their market share with genius marketing.

Created by: Marie Martens


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    How we hit our first $1m in ARR broken down by revenue stage
  • Slides
    4 Person Org Chart Hits $1m ARR
  • Slides
    4 tactics we used to get first 1000 users
  • Slides
    To Do List We Used to get 1500 Product Hunt Upvotes
  • Slides
    The 3 Part PLG Model We Used To Keep CAC at $0!
  • Slides
    10m Pageviews and 2m Form Submissions, how we scaled Engineering

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How we hit our first $1m in ARR broken down by revenue stage

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Marie Martens

Tally Logo
Co-founder of Tally

Marie is the co-founder of Tally, the simplest way to create forms for free. She’s born and raised in Belgium, and is bootstrapping Tally together with her partner Filip Minev. Before launching Tally, Marie had a career of 10 years in B2B marketing and has founded Hotspot, a marketplace for hotels and travel influencers.

Revenue: $840KFTE's:3

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Excel file and training we used to launch our profit sharing plan at our $3m ARR SaaS company.

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