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How I got Issuu to profitability the first time in 2016

Lessons for 2023

Created by: Joe Hyrkin

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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    How I got Issuu to profitability the first time in 2016: Lessons for 2023 slide deck

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Joe Hyrkin

Issuu Logo
CEO of Issuu

Joe is the CEO of Issuu, the world's leading omni-channel content tools and publishing platform, that through the Issuu Story Cloud, enables millions of marketers, brands and creators and publishers globally to digitally share and monetize their longer form quality content and create content marketing materials. Joe has more than 25 years of experience in startup and growth technology leadership globally covering stints in Asia, Europe and the US, from early stage through to IPO. Joe is a frequent thought and industry leadership contributor to the likes of Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, Recode, Techcrunch, CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg and has spoken at conferences and events globally including Web Summit, Founders Forum, Horasis Summit, The Wrap's Grill Summit, The Issuu Generator's Summit among others. He has been the CEO, led sales, BD and Product for some of the leading and most innovative companies in Silicon Valley, backed by the likes of Benchmark, Redpoint, Trinity, Floodgate, True, Baseline, MDV, DAG, Sony, Time Warner among others.

Revenue: $45MFTE's:175

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