Unicorn $50m

How I Bootstrapped To $100m Revenue Using Proficorn Secrets

Created by: Rajesh Jain

Last updated: 18th Sep, 2023

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Rajesh Jain

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Founder of Netcore Cloud

Rajesh Jain is a technology entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India. He was a pioneer in Asia’s dotcom revolution, creating India’s first Internet portals in the late 1990s. He then started what is today India’s largest marketing technology company. In between, from 2012-2019, Rajesh worked as a political entrepreneur. Rajesh is founder of Netcore Cloud, is a global marketing technology company that offers AI-powered marketing automation and analytics solutions. Netcore empowers modern marketers to map their customer journey to deliver exceptional 1:1 customer experiences. Netcore serves over 5,000 Indian and international corporates and sends more than 20 billion messages (emails and SMSes) monthly through its messaging gateways. Netcore is a proficorn — profitable, private, bootstrapped and highly valued.

Revenue: $110MFTE's:1000

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