Unicorn $50m

9 Do's and Dont's of Scaling a SaaS Business to $50m+ in ARR

... key lessons learned scaling G2

Godard Abel, founder of G2, shares his strategies to accelerate growth, build a great team, and frameworks he’s adopted on his entrepreneurial journey.

In 20 minutes, he shares:

- 3 paths to growth

- 3 talent strategy principles

- 3 things he’s ‘stolen from the best’

Created by: Godard Abel


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Godard Abel

G2 Logo
Co-founder and CEO of G2

Godard is a proven B2B entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of G2.com, the leading review platform and marketplace for B2B software and services. To scale G2, Godard has raised over $100M in capital from IVP, Accel, Emergence Capital, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Hyde Park and Chicago Ventures. Godard is also the lead investor andexecutive Chairman for Threekit, a powerful 3D product visualization platform that powers immersive eCommerce for leading B2C and B2B brands

Revenue: $113MFTE's:1000

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