Unicorn $50m

How Ramp Raised $800m in 18 Months

... and Plans to Grow from 80 to 300

Geoff Charles, Head of Product at Ramp, shares the 3 keys to optimizing product development:

- Build Autonomous Product Driven Teams

- Automating feedback

- Our OKR’s at Ramp

Created by: Geoff Charles


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Geoff Charles

Ramp Logo
VP of Product of Ramp

Geoff Charles is the VP of Product at Ramp, leading the product management, operations, and support teams. He has been working in financial services for over a decade across B2B and B2C. Prior to Ramp, Geoff helped spin off Mission Lane and scaled credit products to millions of consumers. He started his career advising Fortune 100 financial services companies and is now focused on building better software to disrupt them.

Revenue: $295MFTE's:600

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