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How I moved retention from 74% to 107%

... with a shift from SaaS to SaaS+

Erica Olsen, CEO and Founder of OnStrategy shares:

- How we burned the bridges and redesigned the offering

- From 74% to 107% Retention in 4 years

- How we land our ICP

Created by: Erica Olsen


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Erica Olsen

OnStrategy Logo
COO of OnStrategy

Erica Olsen is the founder and CEO of OnStrategy, where she aims to reache a million people annually with to simplify the critical practice of growing and leading strategically. An engaging and experienced speaker and facilitator, Erica delivers her training and speaking around the world. She facilitated strategic planning workshops with GASCO Energy in Abu Dhabi and has trained teams in Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

Revenue: $2.4MFTE's:50

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