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Don't do these 68 things in your SaaS company

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Created by: Anand Sanwal

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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Anand Sanwal

CB Insights Logo
CEO & Co-Founder of CB Insights

Anand Sanwal is the co-founder and CEO of CB Insights. Anand’s previous job was managing a 50 million dollar Innovation Fund for American Express. He also worked at one of the most well-known bubble startups, Kozmo.com, which received the largest amount of funding in NYC history for a tech startup. He worked with a small team to open up the European market for Kozmo.com. Along with his corporate and startup experience, Anand also has an education from Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) along with a Chemical Engineering Bachelor's of Science. Anand’s latest venture is ChubbyBrain, part of CB Information Services (the parent company of which he is CEO).

Revenue: $94MFTE's:368

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