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Customer Empathy

The key to 10Xing your company

Created by: Aleksandr Yampolskiy

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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Aleksandr Yampolskiy

Security Scorecard Logo
CEO & Co-Founder of Security Scorecard

Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy is a cofounder and CEO of SecurityScorecard, the leading security rating company, which is used by over 2,500+ top companies, like Pepsi, McDonalds, Sallie Mae, and many others. Previously he was a CTO of BlogTalkRadio, the largest online radio network averaging over 40 million visitors a month leading to its M&A. Prior to that, Alex was a global CISO at Gilt Groupe companies, during its growth from 200 to over 2,000+ employees and 600M in revenue. Before that he worked at Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Oracle and other companies as a lead technologist. He did his Ph.D. in Cryptography at Yale University. He is an active speaker and writer in top media publications like CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal. He is also an angel investor into top disruptive startups. He lives with his family in Brooklyn, and enjoys working out, chess, arts, and travel.

Revenue: $106MFTE's:528

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