Master $20m

How I bootstrapped to $20m in 5 years

... and 3 growth channels I used to hit first 100 customers

Cody McLain, Founder of SupportNinja, shares his insights from serving 100+ startups:

- The power of tacit knowledge

- Easy to update process automation tools

- Smart founders outsource more than just customer support

Created by: Cody McLain


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Cody McLain

SupportNinja Logo
Executive Chairman of SupportNinja

Cody McLain founded his first company at the young age of 15, starting in his parents' basement. Over the next decade, Cody successfully built and sold four companies, accumulating millions in gross revenue. His ventures spanned Hosting, Software, and Support-based industries, establishing offices globally. Collectively, Cody's companies have catered to over 30,000 customers and businesses across 100+ countries. Currently, Cody maintains an active blog on his website,, and manages a Creative Digital Agency along with a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm.

Revenue: $25MFTE's:5000

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