Unicorn $50m

How I Pivoted From Flat and Unhappy to $6m and High Growth

… all completely bootstrapped!

Chris Brisson, CEO and Co-Founder of Salesmsg, shares how a simple question helped him pivot from flat growth to unlocking product market fit.

In 20 minutes, you’ll learn:

- What to do if you realize you’re building a product no one wants (and how to pivot)

- The Platform Game and how to quantify product market fit

- Keys to scaling: how we tripled ARPU in less than 6 months

Created by: Chris Brisson


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    How I Pivoted From Flat and Unhappy to $6m and High Growth - Slide Deck


Chris Brisson

SalesMessage Logo
CEO and Co-Founder of SalesMessage

Chris Brisson is the co-founder of CallLoop and SalesMsg. Chris started his entrepreneurial journey in college selling tires and rims on eBay, where he did over $250k in revenue his first year. He grew and sold this company within 3 years and has continued to launch businesses including Automize and now his SAAS companies, CallLoop and SalesMsg.

Revenue: $57MFTE's:10

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