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... How to use your SaaS to cash out, diversify without losing control

Ben Carpel knows the ins and out of SaaS financing. He’s invested over $3bn over 10 yrs at PE & HF shops, then bootstrapped his own SaaS to an exit in 2018.

In 20 minutes, you’ll learn:

- The “new” SaaS financing options and the pros/cons

- Where to put your $ / and who to rely on

- What to consider when it comes to terms & flexibility

Created by: Ben Carpel


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Ben Carpel

Galleon Logo
Owner and Director of Galleon

Ben is a former institutional investment professional and a present-day ideating entrepreneur and collaborative leader. Currently, he oversees Galleon Logistics, a remarkable supply chain optimization software tailored for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. In the past, Ben founded and led the expansion of Lola Digital Media, a growing media company. Before that, along with his talented team, he grew and successfully sold a prominent business dashboard company, Cyfe, to Alpine Investors, which contributed to the formation of the marketing software suite, Traject.

Revenue: $3.4MFTE's:50

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Excel file and training we used to launch our profit sharing plan at our $3m ARR SaaS company.

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