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Secret Playbook for Revenue Acceleration

How I Exited to Hootsuite With No Sales Reps

Armando Biondi, founder of Adspresso, Hootsuite, and Breadcrumbs shares his key learnings from a 14-years journey as startup founder, senior executive, and angel investor (250+) - and his playbook for engineering revenue growth.

In 20 minutes you’ll learn:

- How to go from 0 to 750k monthly unique visitors fast

- 3 data KPIs to watch (and why more isn’t better)

- The 4 qualities of a lead + why they matter

Created by: Armando Biondi


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Armando Biondi

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CEO of Breadcrumbs

Armando Biondi is a serial entrepreneur, senior executive and angel investor in over 300 startups. Currently leading, the first no-code scoring engine that will surface a companies’ hidden revenue opportunities in just a few clicks. Before Breadcrumbs, in late 2013 he co-founded AdEspresso, which became the #1 Facebook Ads Partner worldwide by the number of customers, processing ~$1B in Facebook Ads budget.

Revenue: $2.1MFTE's:50

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