Builder <$5m

Our Competitors Raised $100m

… how we’re competing with just $1m raised, less resources

Ari Salafia, CEO and Co-Founder of TaxTaker, is a real life David and Goliath story: with just $1m raised, they’ve taken on competitors with $100m + in funding (and they’re winning).

In 20 minutes, you’ll learn:

- Playbook for building a product machine

- TaxTaker’s 5-part customer journey map

- How to build a customer machine to acquire customers cheaply

Created by: Ari Salafia


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Ari Salafia

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Founder & CEO of Taxtaker

Ari Salafia is the CEO and Co-founder of TaxTaker. Over the course of her career, Ari has helped Startups to Fortune 500 companies nationwide fuel their growth through specialty government programs.

Revenue: $3MFTE's:10

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