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Cold Call Machine: 30k Calls per week, $3.8m Revenue

… And how we achieve a 5% conversion rate from call to customer

If you’re looking to scale an outbound sales process, Andrew Cvijovic, founder of Referrizer, teaches a masterclass in doing it efficiently and effectively.

In 20 minutes, You’ll learn:

- Playbook for generating 100 demos per day, $330K in MRR using 100% Commission based outbound sales process

- How they hire quality sales reps, but control costs ($0 base)

- How to track, report and maximize sales process

Plus the exact copy Andre uses to hire rockstar sales reps.

Created by: Andre Cvijovic


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Andre Cvijovic

Referrizer Logo
CEO and Founder of Referrizer

Andre Cvijovic is the CEO and Founder of Referrizer, having over 11 years of experience in creating and delivering online marketing solutions that help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow and thrive. Referrizer is a revolutionary platform for explosive referral marketing, with the mission to help 5 million SMBs generate new customers and keep existing ones extremely loyal. Andre is passionate about solving the biggest problem that new businesses face: the lack of customers.

Revenue: $2.5MFTE's:200

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Excel file and training we used to launch our profit sharing plan at our $3m ARR SaaS company.

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