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9 Things you should ask your super customers to do for you

…by asking yourself what you can do for them.

Created by: Alicia Hatt

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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Alicia Hatt

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CEO of DPOrganizer

Alicia is a challenge craver. Eight years ago, she packed up and moved from Canada to the other side of the world. She wanted to find a bigger mountain to climb. She found one in Geneva but was determined to chase the everlasting summer days in Stockholm. Three and a half years after, she was off to the next adventure. After completely falling for Munich and an amazing start-up called Lilium, she found her way back to Stockholm! Where has this latest adventure taken her, you ask? DPOrganizer! She am the CEO, joining a team committed to working towards a world vision where innovation and privacy go hand in hand.

Revenue: $5.3MFTE's:28

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