9 SaaS Founders Share the #1 Tactic they Used to Hit $5m in Revenues

and how you can do it too!

Created by: Nathan Latka


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Nathan Latka

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Founder & CEO of Founderpath

Nathan Latka was 19 when he hit $1m in ARR at his first SaaS company (Heyo.com). Shortly after, VC's made an offer to buy 20% of his company for $2m ($10m valuation). Latka accepted .... and then reality hit. His company got an acquisition offer for $6.5m which his new VC's blocked. He quickly learned: Selling equity to VC's reduces your options. Why does everyone celebrate raising VC? Eventually, he exited the company in 2015 and launched a podcast (google Latka Podcast) which features a new SaaS CEO every day. He has interviewed 3,584 of the worlds top SaaS founders over the last 5 years. Today, he helps founders raise non-dilutive capital out of his $150m fund at Founderpath. To date, 200 founders have taken $100m in capital. The firm will deploy $250m this year.

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