Unicorn $50m

3 Frameworks to Help Forecast

... and Inform your Board in Your First Three Years

Created by: David Appel

Last updated: 28th Sep, 2023


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    3 Frameworks to Help Forecast & Inform your Board in Your First Three Year slide deck

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David Appel

Sage Logo
Global Head, Subscription & SaaS Vertical of Sage

David Appel is Global Head of the SaaS Vertical for the largest technology company on the London Stock Exchange, Sage. Over time as a Sales and GTM leader, his organizations have earned the business of >2,000 SaaS and Software companies, growing at 40%+/year. He previously ran Direct Sales at Bill.com, led NetSuite’s Software Vertical, and was part of IBM’s Corporate Development team.

Revenue: $2.1BFTE's:11565

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