Welcome to the $1b SaaS Museum

Dear SaaS founders,

You read about $100m+ deals in the press and wonder what actually happened. For the first time, you can study private deal docs that top SaaS founders agreed to share exclusively at “The $1b SaaS Museum”.

You’ll see the 5 page LOI Cognism used in April to acquire Kaspr for $27m. Metadata’s $40m Series B deck (just closed). YouCanBookMe profit sharing model and excel file. 103 pages of DD that ended with a $187m all cash acquisition. Henry Schuck’s $40m secondary offer.

We have 250 USBs loaded with these documents. They’re free if you can get one before we run out.

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For the first time, see over $1b in deal docs top SaaS founders used to grow (or exit)

Henry Schuck


$47,000,000 Majority Buyout

When Henry was 27 back in 2014, he got an offer to sell 70% of ZoomInfo (then called DiscoverOrg) for $47m in a majority buyout. He ultimately turned the offer down - that 70% is worth $10b+ today. ZoomInfo's market cap is more than $15b and ARR broke $1b.

See the full offer on the USB drive.

Andre Cvijovic


$2,572,813 2021 P&L

Andre has bootstrapped his SaaS company to $2m+ in revenue using a unique outsourced SDR strategy. He spent $1.6m in 2021 on sub-contractors he found on craiglist. They make 30k phone calls per month and close $10-$20k in new MRR like a predictable machine.

Get his full playbook on the USB drive.

Armando Biondi


$1,000,000 Rejected

Before Armando launched Breadcrumbs, he built a successful SaaS company called AdEspresso. Hootsuite acquired the business in 2017. Armando made more money on the exit because he rejected this Series A term sheet. Study it if you want to keep control.

Ask for the USB drive to see the full LOI.

Come to the Founderpath booth to see all the documents and get your USB while we still have them.