How To Get 20m Podcast Downloads, $250k Book Deal, Turn Partners into Celebrities

A step by step playbook for building your own CEO media brand. Learn exactly how to use that brand to land $100k sponsor deals, cable network appearances, and $250k book deals. This should be a central strategy to building your SaaS company.

  • Created by: Nathan Latka
  • CEO of Founderpath

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Course Overview

  • Launch a podcast and hit 10k downloads in 7 days
  • Get a book deal, sell 30k copies, hit WSJ Bestseller
  • Use your media brand to grow your SaaS

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Course Content


Icon angleClass 1: Build your audience in 30 days

IconSection 1: Getting first 10k podcast downloads

IconSection 2: Get 600 on your webinar even with no list

IconSection 3: Sell $5k tickets to your first in person event

Icon angleClass 2: Close $100k sponsor deals

Icon angleClass 3: Turn your partners and customers into celebrities


Nathan Latka

Founder of Founderpath

Nathan Latka launched and sold his first SaaS company in 2015. He then launched a podcast where he’s interviewed 3k founders and hit 20m downloads. The podcast got him a major book deal which hit WSJ bestseller status. Today he uses his media to grow Founderpath, where SaaS founders get capital overnight.

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Excel file and training we used to launch our profit sharing plan at our $3m ARR SaaS company.

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