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I used to be proud that all of our customers were organic and inbound. This was hard to scale. Founderpath showed me exactly where I could spend money to make more money. We now have 1,200 paying customers and are very profitable.” - Michael Cooney, Bootstrapped founder of WhatConverts

You don’t have to raise money to grow faster

Spend Less to Get More Customers

4 ways to Calculate CAC

There are 4 ways to calculate CAC, we’ll do it for you automatically.

Are you top 10%

Benchmark against others.

New customer ideas

We’ll show you 3 new growth channels each month.

37 Seconds 3 Steps

“A genius way to help me get new customers”


New customers


You added 100 customers in August

Step 1: We connect to your subscription tool to calculate new customers

You spent $5,484 on Facebook Ads

Step 2: We use your credit data to instantly calculate expenses

Congrats! Your CAC dropped to $54

Step 3: You’ll see exactly how much you spend to get new customers

We integrate with your favorite tools already

Valuation Report

Your Valuation Increased $1.2m Last Month

Track your valuation based off what other SaaS founders sold for (or raised at) in the last 6 months.

Payroll Report

You Should Hire Your First Sales Rep Next Month

(and you pay your engineers too little).


Don’t make hiring mistakes:

Based off your revenue, average deal size, and growth, we’ll make hiring recommendations (+ give you templates)


Do you spend more or less on headcount than other founders at your stage?


See the top 9 outsourced SDR firms SaaS founders are using to keep expenses low and profits high.

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What we believe

Bootstrap to $10m, have profits to share with your team

Pay yourself first. Remember that SaaS is just a tool that you use to serve customers you love, live a high energy life, and generate cash flow so you can do what you want.


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