SaaS Open - Meet 1,500 SaaS Founders with $500k+ in revenue

March 16th - 17th 2023

Meet 1,500 SaaS Founders with $500k+ in revenue

Personally curated by Nathan Latka: Meet Hundreds of Top SaaS Founders including 61 with more than $5,000,000 in revenue.

SaaS Open

dateMarch 16-17th, 2023


Limited availability


Who’s Attending?

Every person you run into will be a SaaS founder or operator. No endless conversations with strangers you don’t want to talk to.


SaaS founders with $5m+ in revenues


SaaS founders with $500k+ in revenues


SaaS startups <$500k in revenues


SaaS investors, PE firms, buyers

Sean Tepper

Sean Tepper

United States

High Quality Event!

The event hosted by Nathan Latka and his team was extremely insightful. Also, the attendees were primarily well established SaaS founders/leaders or experienced VCs. If you want to learn a lot and make some solid connections, this event is for you.

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No Boring Keynotes

Only founders sharing war stories from the trenches - backed up with real evidence/proof.

Fast Paced 20 Minute Keynotes

Top founders reveal tactics, data, and strategies they've never shared before. TedX and interview style. Live Q/A.

Mastery Workshops

Teach and learn from other founders in 10 person roundtables

Sharktank for SaaS Live

Watch founders try and get a deal done live on stage with 3 buyers/investors

Venue Built Like Your Home Office: Free Coffee, Fast Wifi, Hundreds of Outlets

24/7 Coffee, Fastest Wifi in NYC, won’t have to fight for Outlets, Quiet Spaces for 1 on 1’s.



225 Liberty Street NYC, NY, 10281

Start time

8:30 am EST March 16th 2023

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Note on COVID

We understand if you’re concerned about COVID and can’t attend. Our policy is come if you’re comfortable. We’re craving meeting people in person. Masks are not required unless local laws require them at the time of the event. Proof of vaccination required at the door.

VIP Lounge

Make Friends With SaaS Founders Doing $50,000,000+

After our headline keynotes speak, they’ll do private 30 minute breakout sessions in the VIP lounge. Invite only, limited to 20 spots.

Speaker Greenroom

Where our speakers hangout and relax. Getting access to this room is a good way to start a relationship with one of the top performing SaaS founders in the world. Invite only, limit 5 spots.

Tickets Are Limited. We Will Sell Out.

Because of COVID restrictions we will strictly enforce our maximum attendance # set by the venue. Buy your ticket today to ensure you have a seat. Once we are sold out, you will not be able to purchase a ticket.



United States

One and only Saas conference founders should visit


I have to share, that your conference is one of the best I attended. It's not about the quantity of people you meet, but the quality. You get an incredible crowd there and the conference was packed with incredible stories and data.

WOW !!!

Things I Loved:

  • - Dinner and your charismatic way to connect and introduce people is incredible
  • - Conference - and agenda - speakers and their stories
  • - Questions you ask people responses

Things it I would recommend that could make it even better (ideas for next time)

  • - Get people to do share images of the conference - so we can all promote it via Social Media (Make hashtags, sharing on FB, IG, etc)
  • - Play music between speakers - short clips - (I guess you have to additional person)
  • - Ask people for "Testimonial" at the end of the conference (for your next conference marketing)
  • - Sell next year conference tickets during this conference (I would buy it if it was available)

I appreciate the invite and looking forward to the next one.

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