Founderpath vs Espresso Capital - The No Covenant, No Mimimum alternative to Espresso Capital

The No Covenant, No Mimimum alternative to Espresso Capital

They require labor intensive monthly reporting, $40k+ in fee's. Founderpath offers:

icon tickNo monthly reporting
icon tickNo Fees
icon tickWire under 48 hours
icon tickSaaS Valuation Calculator
Nate Pruitt

Nate Pruitt

United States

Exactly the type of funding we were looking for

Founderpath has been a perfect avenue for our short-term cash needs. Instead of the "traditional" process with all the headaches, Nathan and his team made it really easy for us to fund additional development resources in order to get our next version to market sooner than planned. We take cash as we need it and repay it quickly based on the customer run rate. As an equity owner, not having to give up equity in exchange for funds is exactly what our company was looking for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Founderpath as a viable funding option.

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Why choose Founderpath over Espresso Capital?

Use SaaS Financing Software that scales with you. See why SaaS founders are taking money from Founderpath and using our valuation and reporting tools to make it the #1 Espresso Capital alternative.

Espresso Capital
Money wired under 24 hours
Diligence takes 3+ months
icon tick
Minimum Annual Revenue
Fixed monthly payments?
Can change interest rate every month
icon tick
1.5% "Advance Fee"
No Fees
$20k "Legal Fees"
No Fees
$10k "Deposit Fee"
No Fees
Yes, require min cash bank balance "Net Working Capital"
No Covenants
Monthly Reporting Required?
Takes 10 hours (Require P&L, CF, BS, board decks)
Automated through platform
Payoff early without fees or penalties
60 day interest penalty
icon tick
SaaS Valuation Calculator
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icon tick
Free CAC calculator
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icon tick
Free cash flow/profit and loss reporting tool
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icon tick
Free Lifetime value calculator
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icon tick
Free Churn calculator
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icon tick
SaaS Company HQ
Canada, US Only

Integrate with your favorite SaaS tools instantly

How it works

Founders Will Take $250m This Year. So far:


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Revenue on platform

Troy Noll

Troy Noll

United States

No strings attached non-dilutive debt

We recently worked with Founderpath to draw down a loan with zero dilution. Nathan and the team at Founderpath where easy to work with and the process was extremely straightforward and we received the funds very quickly once agreed.

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